My Evening at the FITT Awards Ceremony

Last week I was invited to attend the 14th Annual FITT Conference and Awards Ceremony to receive my Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation among members of the Canadian trade community.

The Forum for International Trade Training ( is a non-profit organization that helps build international business capacity by providing the highest level of excellence to assist individuals develop skills and knowledge in the challenging space of international business.

I want to congratulate the folks I had the chance to share the stage with – I had the opportunity to chat with most of the other CITP recipients in attendance and was blown-away by the passion and appreciation they shared for global business. No words for the ambience and energy in the room. Honored to be a part of this group. 

Also in attendance were, Canadian exporters from all industries, and industry experts, including Stephen Poloz, CITP and President of Export Development Canada and Peter McGovern, Canada’s Chief Trade Commissioner from DFAIT, who was given an Honorary CITP in recognition for his contributions to the Canadian trade economy.

For those considering the CITP Designation, I have written about the FITT program in the past, I would recommend it. Like any post-secondary educational program, it is demanding, but a worthy investment.  
Upon completion of the program, I was equipped with a thorough understanding of how international business “works” and the success factors when considering foreign expansion.  The program takes a hands-on approach, yet very comprehensive. If you’re considering taking the program and have questions, drop me a line.

I also want to take a moment to formally thank everyone for the nice messages of congratulations – it made the achievement that much more special.

From left to right: Bruno Morin – Chairperson, FITT Board of Directors; Caroline Topkins, President, FITT; Esha Abrol; Peter McGovern, Canada’s Chief Trade Commissioner, DFAIT



Copyright © Esha Abrol, Canada.June 13, 2011.


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