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Events Organized

As the Marketing Director for non-profit organization, NetIP (Network of Indian Professionals), I helped organize the 6th Annual NetIP Gala, raising $5000 for The Ottawa Hospital on October 14, 2016. Event details can be found here: NetIP Diwali Gala Brochure

In the Media and Publications


Selected as Chin Youth Personality of the Month, May 2015


Magazine Article on results of a survey conducted (data collected an analyzed by Esha Abrol): Abrol, Esha, Is Marketing The Answer to Business Growth, The Networker Magazine, November 2016

esha-p-p17-need article in pdf

News Article: Brownlee, Mark, Local Start-ups Take Over the World, The Ottawa Business Journal, January 2014


Story on Research Conducted: Beauchesne, Eric, The Challenges with R&D, ExportWise Magazine, July 2011



Story on Research Conducted: Beauchesne, Eric, Emerging Markets, ExportWise Magazine, September 2010




Promotion of Argentine Tango Classes, January 2016

Promotion of NetIP Gala, October 2014



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